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The cost of hiring a chimney sweep will depend a number of factors. On average, the cost of chimney sweeping is a fixed fee of $135.89 for a home chimney (low estimate of $125.43 - high estimate of $146.34). Take a look at our ProMatcher Chimney Sweeping Cost Report which will provide you some estimated prices in your local area.

Here are some items that will factor into the cost of your project:

1. How long has it been since you’ve had your chimney cleaned? If you use your chimney regularly, it is often cost effective to sign-up for an annual cleaning. Many contractors have fixed prices for annual cleanings that are more economical than an occasional cleaning. Having your chimney cleaned on a routine basis may also reduce the need for more costly repairs down the road.

2. Is your chimney straight? If your fireplace has any bends or curves, it may present more of a challenge for cleaning. This may slightly increase the cost of cleaning.

3. Do you have a wood stove or fireplace insert? Burning wood in a stove or in a fireplace with an insert causes more more creosote buildup than an open fireplace with a straight chimney. If the sweep notices a large buildup during the inspection, this may increase the cost of cleaning.

4. Do you have more than one chimney? The contractor may offer a discount on the additional chimney if you have them cleaned at the same time.

5. Do the firebox, damper or smoke chamber require repairs? Chimney sweeps will sometimes offer to make these repairs for a reduced cost at the time of the cleaning.

6. Does the crown need to be replace or repaired? The contractor will likely give you a quote and schedule a return visit. Crowns are usually made of poured concrete which is cast from forms constructed by the contractor. The cost of replacing or repairing a crown will be based on time and materials.

7. Is your chimney without a cap, or does the cap need to be repaired? If you don’t have a chimney cap or your chimney cap needs to be repaired, the contractor may recommend having one installed. Most contractors offer a warranty on stainless steel caps, because they are the most durable. Some homeowners prefer more decorative options such as stone, copper and clay which may be a little more costly.

8. Do you need flue repair or relining? The contractor will likely give you a quote and schedule a return visit. The cost of flue repair and relining will be based on time and materials. The most common and inexpensive material is terra-cotta clay flue tile. More expensive materials include ceramics, cast concrete and stainless steel.

9. What season of the year do you need your chimney cleaned? Having the work performed during the spring and summer will be less expensive than a fall or winter cleaning. The demand for the contractor’s services is much greater in the fall and winter. The contractor is likely to offer discounts during the spring and summer.

10. Are you having the chimney cleaned as the result of a chimney fire? If you have suffered a chimney fire, you many want to choose a contractor who works with or is recommended by your insurance company. Your chimney is likely to have suffered structural damage, and working with your insurance company to coordinate the repairs may limit your out-of-pocket expenses to the amount of your insurance deductible.

We hope that this information has been useful to you. Use ProMatcher to receive a Free Chimney Sweep Cost Estimate from a contractor in your area. This is a fast and free service that saves you time and helps you receive multiple quotes for your project. It is good to have options!

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Cost of Chimney Sweeping fixed fee for a home chimney
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High  $147.09
Low  $125.74
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